What is a Machinist Toolbox?

Machinists are specialists in tooling and maintaining machines such as milling, grinders, lathes and drilling. Because of the precision nature of their work, the machinists’ tools need to be kept free of dust, oil and any moisture. The nature of the job often requires working in dusty, hazardous and hot conditions, so a specialist tool box is important. The machinist toolbox therefore needs to be specially designed to keep these implements at peak performance.  

The machinist tool box is larger than the average tool box and often comes in a rectangular design, with secure locking mechanisms. Several drawers are incorporated for secure storage of the precision tools and instruments and power tools. Lining or padding is usually a feature in the machinist tool box drawers so tool ends and edges are not damaged.

Machinist tools 

Precision instruments

Precision measurement instruments such as callipers, dial indicators and a micrometre need to be stored carefully to maintain their integrity. The machinist tool box will include compartmentalised drawers with foam padding to allow these types of instruments to be fully functioning as needed. 

Sets of tools

Sets of Allen wrenches, spanners and screwdrivers need to be accommodated in the machinist’s tool box. Tool boards, elasticised holders or slots will be a must. Small hammers for minor adjustments will also be stored with these tool sets. 

Power tools

Larger compartments will also be required for the type of power tools a machinist relies on to do their job. Deburring tools and parts are necessary to deburr drilled holes, narrow slots and corners or anywhere else metal cutting is necessary. The deburring tool can be stored in a lidded compartment or in its own box fitting inside the larger part of the machinist tool box. Grinding wheels and belt sanders can be fitted within the larger trays or interior of the tool box, with power packs and cables. 


Ear and eye protection can be placed on top or inside pockets if the machinist prefers that style of tool box. They will also need room for rulers, calculators, markers and the usual accoutrements of mobile phone and tablet. 

Machinist tool box designs 

Famous tool boxes

The famous Kennedy machinist tool box is a solid rectangular case with handles on the side, and a front opening panel as well as top opening lid. The panel opens to reveal a set of drawers in several sizes, perfect for the range of machinist’s tools.

Updated styles

Modern machinist tool boxes offer a wide variety of designs in different materials. All designs offer dust and waterproof compartments, with lined trays and secure fastenings, slots or compartments for multiple tool configurations. Many machinists also prefer a tool case with layers of tool boards and secure locking that is easy to transport. The larger cases also include pull out layers and larger spaces for power tools and packs. 

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