Top Four Lead Generation KPIs All Digital Marketers Should Be Aware Of

Lead generation is a big part of any marketing strategy. It is the same with digital marketing as well. Lead generation will determine the success of your business. A consistent flow of fresh leads is needed to ensure your business stays afloat.

The internet can be used to generate such leads. However, you should also be aware of the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of lead generation so you will know if your leads are any good for your business.

Just like all other marketing strategies, we look at the KPIs to see if our efforts are generating any revenue for our business. KPIs or key performance indicators are specified, preset, quantifiable metrics that measure the performance of a specific objective.

They help determine whether you are getting the results that you want. There are numerous tools available online to help calculate lead generation KPIs. However, to make full use of these tools, you need to use a secure and dependable internet connection like Spectrum. Contact via telefono de Spectrum now to learn about its superfast internet plans.

In this article, we have listed the KPIs businesses should take into account if they want to generate new leads.

Conversion Rates

The conversion rate is determined by the total number of conversions on your website which is calculated against the total number of visitors on your website. The business analytics software that you would be using will calculate this percentage by dividing the total number of conversions on your site by the total number of visitors.

There are different conversion rates for different pages on your website. You can calculate the overall conversion rate by summing the conversion rates of all pages and dividing it by the number of pages on your website.


The most important KPI of lead generation is the number of conversions you get via your website. A conversion happens when a user who is visiting your website takes the necessary steps to convert and become a paying customer.  Mostly, this is when users share their contact information to become a lead, which means the number of leads generated via a website is the same as the number of conversions.

This is an important KPI because it helps you strategize what you want to do in the future. For instance, the number of conversions is significantly low, this means you need to analyze the other KPIs to determine potential issues and if you have a high number of conversions, take note of the strategy you have in place and replicate it in the future.

Exit Rates

This is very much like the bounce rate, but instead, it is calculated for individual pages. It is an important KPI for the popular pages on your site as it helps determine the total percentage of people who exited or closed the tab on which your site was opened when they were on a particular page.

A high exit rate is not good for your conversions as it means that the content on your website or a page is not keeping the visitors engaged.

Bounce Rates

This is another very important KPI as it tells the total number of visitors on your website who navigated away from it without clicking on any other pages. If a user comes to your site via a search engine and then goes back to the search results page without clicking on any of the links on your site, it would be counted as a bounce.

The bounce rate is calculated against the total number of visitors on the site and a higher bounce rate means you need to revise your strategy so that people are more compelled to stay on your site.

Summing Up

There are numerous KPIs digital marketers can use to gauge lead generation. These KPIs can help sales and marketing personnel to form effective strategies for the good of the entire organization. We hope digital marketers will benefit from the KPIs mentioned in this blog.

No matter what digital marketing strategy a company employs, one thing that is certain is that it will need to use a fast and reliable internet connection. Dial numero de Spectrum to get a quote on your desired internet plan.

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