How to Anchor an Inflatable Dock?

Anchoring your Dock is an essential step in building and putting into place your Canada Docks system. You must ensure that your dock is well-anchored to the water. Our docks are lighter than most other docks.

Even though docks are lighter, they are more likely to be damaged by large storms. Protecting your investment is as simple as anchoring it properly. Anchoring your inflatable dock is a difficult task, but you only have to do it once. Our dealers are located throughout North America and can assist you.

What Do You Need to Anchor Your Dock?

Concrete Anchors – We offer 150lbs of Concrete Anchors for pickup from our Beeton location. If you’re a DIY person, you can build your concrete anchor form using our Concrete anchor Forming Kit.

Galvanized Chest – We offer a 1/4″ Galvanized Chest that can be used to connect concrete anchors with your dock. For larger bodies of water, we recommend upgrading from a 1/4″ to a 3/8″ chain. You might say that bigger is always better.

How Do You Attach An Anchor To An Inflatable Kayak?

This should depend on where you’re going to be, what you’re doing, and whether it is an ocean, lake, or river. Depending on the terrain, the best anchors for inflatable boats include squid, mushrooms, fluke, and grapnel.

Choose Your Rope

A rope is more suitable for inflatable boats than a traditional chain. They’re lighter and easier to store. The best rope for inflatable boats is a marine-quality one. These ropes are designed to resist damage from water such as mildew.

Attach the Anchor

Most inflatable boats have rings in both their fore- and aft. This is the best place to attach your rope or anchor. You can simply attach your anchor to the ring by using a high-quality, durable rope.

What Is The Best Inflatable Boat Anchor?

You can use any type of anchor for your dinghy, but it all depends on what material is in the water. For rocky terrains, you will need a grapnel or mushroom anchor. If you live in sandy, or muddy areas, a mushroom anchor is your best option.

Fluke anchors are great if your boat is likely to be used in many different locations. A squid anchor, on the other hand, can be useful if you’re willing to fill it with debris whenever you need it.

Where to Put Your Inflatable Boat Anchor?

Inflatable boats are generally small and don’t offer much storage. The spray guard is usually placed under the anchor, so most people keep their anchors in the fore and aft. This allows you to quickly access your anchor while keeping it out of reach.

It is easier to stow your anchor on a rope than a chain. This is because it can coil up much more tightly. By using a lighter anchor with a shorter rope, you can save space and avoid it taking up valuable space in your boat.

Final word

An anchor isn’t something you need to own an inflatable dock boat. If you plan on anchoring your boat in the waters, or keeping yourself secure while you relax and fish, you will want one. Make sure to research the location where your boat will be used to find the best type of anchor. But, there are options for those who plan to use their boat in other terrains.

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